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Mortgage Yard

Mortgage Yard is a financial services company that approached us to create its brand identity. Kate, Rob, and Sidonie pride themselves on closely guiding their clients through the important steps of getting a mortgage. The branding reflects the trio’s friendly, informal approach and love of working al-fresco in their red brick yard.


Mortgage Yard’s corporate identity creation began by gathering inspiration on a moodboard. The next step in the process was to use the client feedback to choose the direction of the logo design and other elements to fulfil all their print and digital requirements.

Corporate identity

We began the process of creating Mortgage Yard’s corporate identity by designing a logo, business cards, a digital letterhead, email footer graphics, incentive voucher and social media assets suitable for each platform.

As part of the website design, a professional photography shoot was commissioned. This really brought to the forefront of their digital shop window the personalised approach that Kate, Rob, and Sidonie bring to their work.

Mortgage Yard was also presented with its own Brand Guidelines –  a document that details the fonts, colour palette, and logo usage instructions for future reference.

See the website here