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Everything Adventure

Everything Adventure came to us as a brand new business start up and wanted us to create them a great logo and website with booking system and e-commerce facilities. Their business is all about helping people to experience a bit of the great outdoors through camping, kayaking, hiking or wild cooking. We needed to create a brand that is fun, friendly and authentically wild.

Logo design

We designed the logo to feel a bit outdoorsy and organic. It needed to work well on both white and blue backgrounds, and be punchy enough to stand out on branded merchandise.

Website design

Everything Adventure commissioned us to design and build a website that could handle all their bookings, taking payments and collecting customer information as needed. We designed a lively site with an organic feel to best represent the excitement and enjoyment that this company provides with their wild adventures. The website uses a booking system with stock control for ticket availability. It also handles ticket payments and automates customer communications regarding the bookings to ensure all parties are informed and participants can supply the relevant consent forms.

The website has been a big success and Everything Adventure have received many compliments on how easy it is to navigate and use for booking onto their events.

Visit the Everything Adventure website >