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Franciscan Centre Ladywell brand creation

Ladywell Convent in Surrey is a centre of Franciscan spirituality and hospitality.  The centre had recently undergone extensive refurbishment and they approached Cut the Mustard to create the new brand and logo for their new name: Franciscan Centre, Ladywell.

The Franciscan Way brings life and peace to many people around the world. The Franciscan Centre has a rich heritage and a heart for both young and old people living in the modern age. Our brief was to create a brand for this beautiful retreat and hospitality centre that reflects their tradition and values whilst also appealing to the modern generation.

Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood

The Franciscan Centre, Ladywell, is part of the international Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM). We were also tasked with creating a sister brand for FMDM.  These two brands needed to be part of the same ecosystem, working together beautifully; each having their own identity but clearly being part of the same family.

The previous FMDM logo featured a traditional icon of Mary with baby Jesus and it was important to keep this as part of the new logo. We progressed this icon, developing it into a simpler and more modern illustration. The Franciscan Centre and FMDM logos use the same colour palette to reflect the togetherness of the two organisations.

Stained glass window creation

Following the brand creation, we were delighted to be commissioned to create the artwork for three stained glass windows, which were to be on display in the newly restored centre. The windows were to enhance an internal corridor that had no access to natural light. We created an innovative solution using custom built light boxes and a specialist method of printing onto transparent material that could be mounted on the light box. The end result was really effective and the windows are a key spectacle in the centre.

Canticle window

For the largest window, the brief was to create a design based around the Canticle of the Sun written by Saint Francis of Assisi. The artwork follows the famous poem in a clockwise direction, travelling through the verses and reflecting the beauty of creation.

The poem walks through the key elements of creation and life: the sun, moon and stars, wind, water and fire. It also speaks of Mother Earth, the gift of forgiveness and then finally Sister Death –  an inevitable part of life and the gateway to the next life.

The final result is stunning and stops you in your tracks as you walk down the corridor. There are lots of tiny details planted in the art to be discovered the longer you ponder the window.

Windows for Saint Clare and Saint Francis

The other two windows are much slimmer and picture Saint Clare and Saint Francis. Our brief was to capture the spirit behind their passionate and single-hearted following of Christ.

Clare’s Rule and writings are a powerful witness to the care and concern she had for all her sisters, and her desire ‘to build up a bond of unity among them.’  Francis’ relationship with creation was truly one of brotherhood and has marked history. We believe that these windows are a fitting testimony to the impact their lives had on the world.

Franciscan Centre website design

As part of the Franciscan Centre project, we were also commissioned to design and build a professional website to showcase the beautiful centre and communicate the values and ethos that are the foundations of this haven.

You can view the website here.

We very much enjoyed working on this project and continue to support the Franciscan Centre, Ladywell and FMDM in their design and marketing requirements. The window designs have already led to another window project for a chapel in London.