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Blundell's Diary

Blundell’s commissioned us to reimagine their termly publication, The Diary. They wanted the printed publication to better represent the quality and breadth of the educational experience received at Blundell’s.

Since the redesign in 2017 we have been proud to produce three Diarys a year, including digital versions, plus other designed materials to support departments across the school.

The redesign

Blundell’s wanted the Diary to be more like a coffee table publication, something that people would keep and treasure for years. The design is spacious and full of movement, portraying the life and energy of the students and celebrating the joy of learning. The new design is student-centric and printed on a beautiful uncoated stock which gives a sense of quality in the hand.


In 2023, after 6 successful years with this design, Blundell’s called us in to discuss a new brief.  They wanted to move forward with a fresh style that would allow them to showcase all the news from Blundell’s with engaging photos but minimal copy. The Diary would be a selection of highlights from the term, and the full articles would be contained in a different publication, their yearbook.

We designed a sophisticated magazine style with a nine-column grid. We used simpler layouts with a more spacious feel featuring large, key photographs and creative typography, limited to just a couple of fonts.