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Barbecue Shack logo design

The Barbecue Shack asked us to create a logo to represent their business and attract the back garden pit masters of the South West. Entertaining in our gardens is currently a growing market and the biggest form of garden entertainment is centred around the trusty barbecue.

It sounds sexist but stats show that the majority of BBQs are run by the man of the house. As Michael McIntyre observed: ‘The women get demoted to salad and drinks’. And the type of men who like to run a barbecue are typically the sort who love their toys and don’t mind spending on good quality kit.

The logo needed to feel rustic and well put together, modern and fun, with a relaxed vibe of enjoying food with friends in your garden: Flip flops, cold beer, and wielding a spatula like an artist wielding a brush. You get the idea.

Logo inspiration & style

Versatility was key. The logo design needed to work in both full and single colour, and on both light and dark backgrounds, enabling it be used on a wide range of branded merchandise.

Garden textures and flames gave us some great styles for a logo design. The finished product is eye catching, modern, active and funky, working well on signage, promotional materials and branded items of clothing and tools.