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Blue Sky Funerals brand creation

Blue Sky brand creation, including logo design, website and marketing materials.

When preparing for or experiencing a bereavement, the last thing you need is any awkwardness in planning the funeral. Blue Sky Funerals were setup to enable you to plan, cost and create a funeral in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. Their website gives you the tools to create the ceremony that is right for you or your loved one by removing the pressure of making choices that sound right but aren’t always necessary. They eliminate the need to have that difficult conversation with a funeral director, leaving you with all the time and space you need to make your own decisions.


Logo design

The logo design needed to be calm and reassuring, grown up and peaceful, respectful of the difficult time their clients are going through.

We came up with the idea of the dandelion seeds as a gentle portrayal of changing times and things moving on. It shows the beauty and peace in nature, implying that passing on is a natural part of life.

Website design

Blue Sky Funerals were the first company in the UK to have a website that enables its users to plan, create and pay for a funeral online. We designed the site to be simple and calming, walking users through the steps and options which enable them to see how each option affects the final basket price. Users can also save and share the plans with friends and family before committing to a plan.